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Friday, March 12, 2010

March 10 Sugar Grove Trophy Trout Farm

All of you that know me, know that I am a very serious Bass & Crappie fisherman. Here is a recap of my day Trout fishing.

Today, my good friend, Scott Taylor and I went Sugar Grove WV to go trout fishing. This is the first time in my life I have ever fished for trout. I really enjoyed the challenge. We arrived about 8:30 am and met up With Kevin Bartley. He is part of this family owned buisness. The Bartly's, which consist of.....Jerry, Kevin, Lisa, Caitlyn & Kristen, are very good, down to earth people. Melissa Thomas, whom they consider family, also helps out with the operation.

The cost of fishing here is $40 per day per person. Plus license if you choose to fish in the 1 & 1/8 mile long stream that they stock daily. They also have a keep what you catch stocked pond that you pay .25 per inch for the fish you catch in there.

We started out fishing in the stream, and fishing was tough to say the least. I understand that fishing is fishing, and mother nature can be cruel at times. This time she was down right MEAN. The little stream that we fished in rose 2 1/2 feet over night and came up another 2-4 inches while we were there. Beautiful 60 degree days started melting the snow on top of the mountains. I am not a fly fisherman, so I was using my ultra-lite crappie rod with a Trout Magnet tied on. We did manage to catch 2 beautiful Rainbow's in the stream though, and Scott did managed to lose 3 more out of the stream. I had a really great time and I plan on taking my girls up there to fish in the pond.

About Sugar Grove Trophy Trout Farm.......

Located in Sugar Grove WV at

HC74 Box 116C
Sugar Grove WV 26815
ph-(304) 249 5859

Family owned and operated by the Bartly's on their 365 acre farm. All Brook trout that are stocked in the stream are citation or larger. All Rainbow's are between 2 & 6lbs that are stocked. In West Virginia, Brook Trout have to be 1 1/2 pounds to be a citation. Rainbow, Brown and Golden Rainbow have to meet a 4 pound minimum to qualify for a citation. No license is required to fish in their pond, a WV Fishing license is REQUIRED to fish in the stream. They are located 45 min from Harrisonburg and 55 mi from Staunton. They only allow 20 anglers per day on the stream and they put at least 1 citation fish in the stream for every angler. You have a REAL good chance of a trout of a lifetime here. The stream is open daily except Christmas Day from 7am to 6pm. The pond is open from 7am to 5pm. The pond is 14' deep and has HUNDREDS of fish in it that will bite on every cast. They have primitive camping on the premises as well as the cleanest Porta Johns that I have ever seen.

They buy their trout when they are 3" long finger lings and raise them in 10 tanks on the property. Each tank has approx 500 fish in them, except for 2 of them, which holds approx 1,000 fish each. This is a very accessible property with a days worth of fun for the whole family. I highly recommend this as FUN for the WHOLY FAMILY!!!! Give them a call and book a day up there, the scenery is gorgeous and the fishing is a blast. I almost forgot. The best part of the day was......NO CELL PHONE SERVICE!!!!!!

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